I've read some post about tips on how a proper SEO would do and I notice this "Traffic Benchmarking" on the list. Can anyone explain this to me?

One can set that benchmarking feature in google analytics to check how effective is its marketing strategy. Benchmarking gets you to see the information about your site, compared to your competitors. Something like that in short.

I consider traffic benchmarking checking up with sites like Quantcast.com, Compete.com, to see how your traffic compares against your competition. Of course it's not really accurate, but eh :) Google Analytics also includes a benchmarking feature, as Spletnapot pointed out.

Very nice to know about traffic benchmarking and it increase my seo knowledge. I was know about compare website with others but was not know that it is called traffic bench marking.

Thanks all of you.

Google has introduced to access the information regarding your site comparison with your competitors.

cscgal!!! thanks for sharing benchmarking checking sites.

Traffic benchmarking is increasing the visitors to our websites by doing SEO,web analysis,reporting and submission works of the website.

OK guys ! Thanks for all the info. I've learn a lot about this Traffic Benchmarking. But just an addition, is this the same as Google Analytics do?

It seems to be very interesting to compare your competitors & analysis their strategies. It will definitely help us a lot from SEO point of view. Thanks for introducing with such a wonderful technique.

Google Analytics giving a affection for analysing your website. Traffic benchmarking can be done with Google Analytics. It basically allows you to set benchmarks for your keywords and business campaigns so that you can see if your business efforts are effective. I accept that Google Analytics as well gives you benchmarking stats on your competitors as well, but don't adduce me on this.

Google analytics is the perfect tool for getting the traffic benchmarking. It provides to the site owners to see their site stacks against others in various industries, by adding a so-called industry benchmarking capabilities of its free Google Web traffic measurement and analysis products.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on Traffic Benchmarking, but how is it possible through Google Analytics and what are that features through which is it possible. Will you please enlist in detail..


With Traffic Benchmarking You can set benchmark for your traffic in your google analytic.by this you can check that how much effective is your Marketing Straighty. If you familiar with Google Analytic.In Google Analytic their is a option of Bench Marking.You compared your traffic through benchmarking option.

This is what the exactly it is. I consider traffic benchmarking checking up with sites like Quantcast.com, Compete.com, to see how your traffic compares against your competition.

It means, What are your week points and what are your strong points, you can analyze through your web analytics, and what are your next strategic moves towards your website promotion will make it easier for web promotion and if I am not wrong, these whole steps collectively called traffic benchmarking.

Bench Marking allows you to access the information regarding your site's comparison with your competitors. This allows you to compare your website analytic report with the other Google analytic user within your industry. You're able to visualize the improvements in your own analytics.

I consider traffic of topmost website(on google) for my keyword, As my traffic benchmark. I use compete and quantcast to check competitor's traffic

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