whitehat means promoting stuff the legal way and not breaking any promotion rules.

Black hate SEO is that, when you are performing the task, which is not allowed by Google algorithm. And When you are following the rules and rugulation, its called white hate seo.

White Seo is promoting your site acording to search engines rules. This will get you in top of search results.
How many things or techniques are included in it?
Nothing is really clear ( except what not to do ) so the range is quite big. However if what you do can help a visitor ... then is white.

Whitehat SEO is the process to obey all the rule of the Search engines, it regards the human readers as the centre and doing all to attract and satisfy them by useful information from the sites

In white hat SEO you must follow the Google search engine rules and algorithm.

Doing onpage and offpage activities in ethicle way is called white hat SEO.

white hat seo is an ethical way with the help of which we can appear on top postion of SERPs by following all the Guide lines made by search engines.We should follow all the updates that are made by Google so that we know about all the updates and we can follow them...

White hat is one of the SEO type, in which we connect our website to high pr and pure website with no spammy content. In this process we use ethical ways to rank our website on Google.

White hat SEO is an ethical seo which focus on human audience opposed to search engine and follows search engine rules and guidelines.

White hat seo techniques means, we just follow google rules and regulation is called white hat seo.

Just followed google rules and regulations is called white hat seo technquies .

It is also known as ethical seo,it includes keyword analysis,link building,backlinking,White Hat SEO is more frequently used by those who intend to make a long-term investment on their Web site.

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Normally SEO is classified in Three Categories:

  1. White Hat SEO

  2. Black Hat SEO

  3. Grey Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is just about following search engine guidelines.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO attempts to improve rankings in ways that are disapproved of by the search engines.

Grey Hat SEO

Combination of White Hat and Black Hat SEO

white hat seo means following search engine policy means seo process which striclty follows search engine seo policy.

White hat seo means optimizing of your website according to Google guidelines.

Doing SEO by Following webmaster guide line is called white hat SEO. The way of promoting website should not violate search engine rules and regulations.

Legal seo strategies to get higher traffic and rankings for the concern sites, is called as white hat seo.

White Hat SEO means doing according to the google guidelines already defined. Without doing any spam like keyword stuffing, cloaking etc. And most important results that last a long

white hat means one backlink in one time not a thousand of backlinks in one time

White Hat SEO means doing according to the google guidelines already defined. Without doing any spam like keyword stuffing, cloaking etc. And most important results that last a long.

White hat SEO is nothing but use of the proper guidelines of the Google to gain ranking among the search engines.

Thanks to all for sharing a info about white hat seo and its great to be here to read all the info.

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