Creating, editing, and promoting unique high-quality content is difficult and time consuming but in the end golden rule of seo is that content is the King. It's not just because of a Search Engine but it's for your site visitors also. A page that is read by people is better than a page that is read by search engines spiders and bots.

It's not only SEO, you have to think about many factors that will make your site popular :
1. If your website is having something really unique then people would like to suggest it to their friends.
2. Other webmasters would like to create a link of your website on their sites.
3. Your site visitors will start trusting on your site and they will look forward for the next content and will keep coming again and again.
4. Assuming you have been listed out by any search engine but net surfer will click only that page whose content snippet would look more unique and interesting.

So remember that always write your content after going a serious thought. Keep your title, keywords, link text, meta tags up-to-date and unique and interesting.
I am sure you will win........................

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You are right. The unique content really wins, However it will be for shorter time, To be strong you have to get quality backlinks as well as you have to keep on updating your site with pure unique content, that will help to maintain the VICTORY :)

These search algorithms are getting very smart and optimizing your site for content is the best strategy. Always ensure you practice White Hat SEO.

Yes is true, content is king.


Impress human being so for that we need to write impressive content to enhance traffic to your website which help to grow your business. It's not just because of a Search Engine but it's for your site visitors also. If you have a good content your site visitors will start trusting on your site and they will look forward for the next content and will keep coming again and again.


Since we are optimizing for the SE. SEO Friendly Content is still what we want. It has to be very relevant. Good content is not only interesting or readable but also keywords positioned. Just be careful to avoid keyword stuffing.

Yes you are right content is the king with the help of informative and unique content you can get good visitors. Also people will give the reference of your site or blog which will count in linkback to your site and it is very useful in SEO.

So many great information, thanks guys.

Back-links has a significant role to play in SEO. In addition to quality content, ensure you have a good keyword, and gradually build quality back-links

Just another way to look at it ...
It is always best to work with what is within your control, your web site and all its webpages. By focusing on the on-site ranking factors and enhancing the visitor's experience you'll never have to concern yourself with manipulating the off-site ranking factors (backlinks essentially). Keep focused on deploying high caliber optimized content and ultimately your work will overpower even the mightiest, trendiest link schemed, artifially pumped up mediocrities. Your web pages will (usually quickly) rank amongst the top keyphrase competitors and they will sustain themselves naturally. Quality backlink will come on their own or they won't come, this is irrelevant when you stay concentrated on developing a quality web presentation.

commented: Always I respect his replies. I read all his comments. I expect more contribution from him +1

I think that sounds really great. Content plays very vital role in SEO if it is very unique and rich. This can fetch many visitors to your site and make it easy to get good traffic as well as links.

unique content is the thumb rule for SEO to increase website popularity and Page Ranks.
I am looking for more suggestions on this....SNIP


Agree with all. Unique content attract visitors and make them to revisit the site again and again. This increases traffic and build quality links, which contributes for improving the page rank.


Content need to be always good. An interesting and useful content is really helpful for attracting serious visitors. You need to provide some unique and useful content in your site that your visitors hardly get in other sites. Use your keywords in a proper and decent way within your content.

I too believe content is very important. Even if a site has thousands of backlinks but not enough contents, its ranks could be weak and some other competitors might outperform that easily by using a combination of links and content building. A lot of top Google ranking sites have achieved success by simply offering fresh contents to their readers and gradually the links came too.

Having unique and good content will surely make your website have a high rank in major search engines. If the content is good, people will come to your site to look for information and will even refer your site to others. Doing seo is good but at the same time you should consider that the website has been designed for visitors.

thanks for sharing such nice words ... really nice .keep sharing

In my own experiences, having good page contents would not only benefit your PR but also would attract more visitors and might be lead to the most natural backlinking channel of link baiting.


Having good content on the site is the glue that will create a stickiness with your audience - you want to make sure your site keeps this coming!!!

Yes, you are right. Great tips.

Truer words have never been spoken. Content is what will make you unique and stand out among the search engines. Content is king with unique and interesting content you set yourself apart.

The answers are inspiring, as my website is not as keyword optimized as I wanted it to be.

There are two important aspects of web content. For simplicity, we'll call them the quality and quantity.

Quality means that the material be well written and the embarrassing typos that make visitors feel that your website actually knows what it's talking about must be free of. For our purposes, however, it also means that the material is rich in keywords, can be informative and interesting, so visitors should feel that they have learned. Such is the power of quality content.

Volume, on the other hand it means that your website should be updated regularly with new content added. A once a visitor can return to the article, or even two or three times, but never change their website content, eventually, there would be no reason for him to return.

Well content attracts reader and can help in decreasing the bounce rate of your website, user stays at your website and this will help you not only improve your sales but will also provide you a better rank in search engines....

It will sustain themselves naturally. Quality backlink will come on their own or they won't come, this is irrelevant when you stay concentrated on developing a quality web presentation.

Having good content would definitely make a good positioning & indexing in Google making your website indexed easily by search engines.

Its not only about good content but it must be unique also to get registered in search engines.

Advantages of good content helps you to crawl faster your site

I totally agree with all the comments you've made the above because I have a team of writers to write content for our SEO clients have created. I think I get 10 - unrelated topics on my blog that I write about 15 hits a day. Articles 10-15 of 100 times you you've got yourself a lot of traffic. Of course in the first place you need to link those pages to get traffic.

If you are getting traffic from your blogs without even posting related content, that's good. But I'll still recommend you to post relevant content only.

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