Does Google punish websites share with the same IP on the same vps. ?
How many websites can share on the same IP ?

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as long as the content is unique, you can have multiple.. you are penalized via google when the content is not unique, or they are duplicate websites.

Its best to have one website with quality content and links, rather than 10 websites of the exact same content.

There is no such limit fixed by Google. All you should do is make your site as per Google guidelines.

What you are talking about website ip or server ip. Both are different. Every website has its own unique ip and can host multiple websoites on same server ip.

2 websites can have the same IP. It only depends on how it is done, but there are some ISP's will host on shared servers those not asigning an IP address to each site they do a virtual "redirect". They redirect to the appropriate directory based on the URL, but it is the same IP.... I hope you will get what i am saying..

What if you upload a large volume of websites from the same IP in a short period of time. I heard Google will penalize.

if you are talking about the different websites it does not matter how many websites you are hosting on the same class C IP (did I guess right?). Since a shared hosting provides the same CLASS C IP to hundreds of websites, so it is just a common thing. Getting hundreds of back links from same class c ip is not valuable.


No limit by Google,you can have multiple.If too many poor quality of websites are hosted on same IP then it might be a disadvantage.

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