Hello guys,

There are many *hot* discussions are going on at the Google support forum regarding the scraped (duplicate) content and articles. The last update with google's algorithm seems destroyed the rankings of many websites. Really? Have you experienced this google slap?

While searching for a solution to avoid get penalized by google - I found an interesting article where the author shares a simple system to create 100% unique articles - almost automatically. I didn't try it myself yet. But is that really possible to build keyword optimized articles automatically? Wow if this works that'd be a great help for all of us. :)

You may find the article and ebook here - http://www.mervikhaums.com/idea-center/how-to-avoid-google-slap-for-duplicate-content-unique-articles-rank-on-google-ebook/ (while I'm writing this post the ebook offered with the article is free to download. Don't blame me if the author pull it off)

What do you think?

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Automatic Articles to Rank on Google? Can it help us avoid Google Panda Problem?

Thanks for the article.