I am sure there is something wrong on my site that was contrary to the AdSense T&C / Programme Policies and / or has done something contrary to the law (usually copyright infringement) If you have a moment, can someone please take a glance at my blog and tell me if you think I'm violating the adsense terms of service? I have tried my own as well I can say that my writers doesn't write orignal content maybe that's why It causing or some more problem but when I try on copyscape (dot) com I just get 1 link there

www (dot) ibad (dot) info

Please help me,

Thank you in advance :)

Adsense has a long list of terms. Its very likely you are violating one and not even knowing it.

I just took a quick look at your site & at first glance the content seems within the guidelines. I'd recommend reading through their terms yourself since you know your site best - maybe something will jump out.

Have you been clicking your own ads?

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