Hi Guys,

I have a confusion in my mind that is "which is more valuable Articles or Blogs?"

Please share your thoughts...

Thank You.

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blog are powerful in providing the back linking,the effect of blog is good for long time

Hi Guys,

I have a confusion in my mind that is "which is more valuable Articles or Blogs?"

Please share your thoughts...

Thank You.

As both are the best ways to promote the content which you have and also to attract the people through it. But yet i would say that blog is the best method as blog be more helpful in getting backlinks to the site and also to keep the visitor engage with you by discussion using blog comment.

I think articles are better for establishing a person's authority and gaining them quality backlinks.

Writing an article is harder than writing a blog post. It takes more time, it has to be well-written, it has to go through an editor, the benefits do not appear immediately, and results are harder to gauge. But I think it is worthwhile.

Writing a blog post does not have to go through another person (an editor), so that removes one level of quality control. Let's be honest, there are many blogs out there that are terribly written, poor grammar, bad spelling, the writer obviously does not know how to speak English, and his/her ideas are not original anyhow--those blogs are a waste of time. However, traffic from a blog is certainly easier to gauge; you just have to check your analytics software, observe how many visitors you are getting, and feel happy with the traffic. But that doesn't say anything about the quality of a post, the writer's ideas, or writing skill. For feedback like that, you have to go through another person.

Both are valuable.. but blogs are the best

I would have to concur with thosae saying both are just as relevent but on a blog you are restricted into the amount of traffic your website will generate.

Google has nothing against articles, it just has something against low quality articles.

As long as your content is fresh, unique and up-to-date it will be worth investing in article directories....

Blog are great in providing the back links as these are cached immediately , also the content posted on blogs remain for long time.

The answer depends upon the requirement. If you want to communicate with your visitors Blog is the solution. If you want to share your knowledge with your visitor Articles are the best. An article may be posted in your blog and your article may have comments enabled to know the comments and reply as per the requirement.

ALL THAT IS IMPORTANT and a factor is QUALITY of CONTENT used on either BLOG or ARTICLE. If the content is unique and have some value it will benefit you or your website otherwise there is no benefit of either one.

Hi Guys,

I have a confusion in my mind that is "which is more valuable Articles or Blogs?"

Please share your thoughts...

Thank You.

Blog is more important in getting the links but more important is to get your articles on you blog be posted in some popular article sites as well as if your blog is not that popular as those sites are so the sites can really help you get the visitors but keep in mind to post a spun article in those sites and not the total duplicate copies.

They both are the part of the off page SEO's techniques and according to my experience they both are essential.

Article writing and doing article marketing is effective for getting backlinks as well as traffic. It also help in getting good ranking on search engine. Similarly blog posting is effective way of getting backlink as well as traffic but it get traffic from social media.

So blog is very helpful in Social media optimization, with this you can easily get good amount of traffic...

Qualitative content is more important instead of blog or Article.

Blogs, no doubt in it.

1. Only blog can bring repeated visitors and not articles
2. Receive comments for your blog
3. Invite/Write guest blogging

This will help to consider blog is always better than article writing.

If blogs are do follow then its more beneficial in getting traffic and backlinks.

I agree with zabalex, according to my experience both are important according to the requirement.

I think blog will give you the massive amount of traffic more than articles...

I prefer articles. It's also not consume our time .

yes blogs are more valueabel for getting backlinks

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