Just read through all of the right SEO pages to get your links at the right page.
Let's see how it goes. Use the right language, and set the right stuff right.

It is the relevance of the links ie if you have a mobile phone classified website (eg www.mobileclassifiedads.co.uk) you should get links to electronics and mobile phone related websites. It is also to do with the amount and pagerank of the websites you have linked to.

Pagerank is a small factor in Google's ranking algorithm. After Panda and Penguin updates it has really less value. Google can now detect the quality of content and links by some other means. So I would recommend don't run after PR and focus on getting editorial backlinks cause those are most valued even when they are from PR0 page.

well in my perception the quality of the backlinks matters alot....try to creat quality do-follow backlinks specially on high pr sites or forum or directories.


No.......building links is defintely a source to increase rank on search engines because search engines searches the website through links more the links you build the more your website improves on search engines and the other method is to select a unique keyword in your title tag which other websites don't have...well searching for the unique keyword is although a tough task.

add your web directories
and many many.. get more backlink , analyze your meta tags,titles,h1 tags h2 tags, give image alt tags

Thanks for sharing this this on forum posting.

Get more backlink from higher pr website only dofollow.

Dear Admin can you give us some directories submition softwares or only directory URL.

hello frnd..
first its very inprortant to gain the pr 5 as predicted by google page rank as getting pr 5 is also no less than pr 6..
do take care to publish that content which is worth for the visitors of ur site and helpful..
as google support content only..!!

It Is A Great Article For Seo. I Implemented It On my website

Hi, i run a PR4 site, will soon get to PR5, but it took me half a year, and agree with thos who said, that each of the page needs to be optimized, and rechecked where it ranks on diferent google.XY,...i rank on 100-200 keywords on top 3, still need at least 1000 keywords to get to PR6,...and few more press release. This is what it really helps, and it must be NEWS, ...and i think i would need another 150 articels of "good" optimized content and to add another 100 videos, plus fresh backlinks from twitter, facebook pages and if possible from wikipedia..

Hear, hear! No, seriously, toolbar pagerank is just a measure of the power of your backlinks from sometime in the past. www.dj4mix.com

Hear, hear! No, seriously, toolbar pagerank is just a measure of the power of your backlinks from sometime in the past.Click Here

sorry for offtopic - just want to ask...how do you get pr5 within a year? i tried to build a backlink,submit link to search engine,blog ping,linkback via siggy at forum,optimizing the content,keep update post,create nice template.one of my blog already more than 2 year but still PR1.sorry for my bad english

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