It is hard to get adsense. Is their any good adsense alternatives that pays good. Share your experience.

Yes their are lots of alternate but Adsense pay the most, just follow Google guidelines, then your account will get approval.

Adsense alternates are infolinks, adbrite, chitika etc.

Yes, it's true. many adsense alternative that pays good. one of those is facebook adsense, i do not know if you trust this but it really works for me.

safe adsense are infolinks and adbrite.

Bidvertiser Adbulls, Also Microsoft also gives Ads... try using them...

Ad-sense is best foe web-masters and publishers. But when ever you will be blocked or prohibited from ad sense then you need to find ad-sense alternatives.

There are lots of attractive and valuable ad sites available over there. count
clicksore too.

Go for infolinks and adbrite,. These are good alternatives.

There are plenty of alternatives here, i think infolinks and click bank is well alternatives for PPC.

I think that Woodfo Adserver is the best alternative for Google Adwords. Easy to use and Fast Approval Rate and wide Network.

I work with bidvertiser as an alternative. Pays if you made 10$. It's ok for me.

You have many choices. I once worked with and it pays good.

Its alternative may be the Blig flipping ,

Hey Mary, if you're still looking for AdSense alternatives you should try Adsgadget:) Great support team and high rates

There are many option instead of Google addson , many or adds of different companies can give you same results good money that you can earn from Google as well

we can use affliates instead of adsense

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