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I want to increase Google backlinks? I have been submitting to web directories and social bookmarking sites for years.

However, I just checked google backlinks but I don't see the increase.

What should I do to increase Google backlinks?

Thanks very much!

Check you link count using Yahoo for a more accurate assessment of the volume of backlinks that you have amassed. Google is aware of almost exactly that amount although it won't list them all in a link search. The point is ... these links are of little value to the Internet, little value for the potential visitor and thus little value to the search engine ... so insignificant that they don't merit mention.

Link building (an off-site optimization technique) is but one way to catch the search engine's attention. Focus on other off-site influences (blogging, Google+ posting, tweets, facebook statuses ...). Review your web page's content and optimize those pages. Create more web pages too. Your internal links are of more value than artificially built external ones.


Tools only count high PR backlinks that's why they never include Directory Submission links, but yes keep on doing your work, good result on search engine must be your priority not number of backlinks. For getting good Backlinks go for the article submission, blog submission, blog commenting, forum posting.


Blog comments are usually pretty good, very rarely dofollow but still effective


You are doing the right thing but make sure you are also adding some more useful tactics of off page to get quality links. Blog Commenting, Forum Posting and Press Release are also good to put in use.


Do regular Directory submission, forum posting, article posting, blog commenting(this will give you backlink if commented blog is have dofollow attribute and you will get traffic from this.). Just do these types of submission then it will give you good backlinks.

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