and what about Google AdWords Campaign?

I think you should neglect Alexa rank, It's not help your site on the top of SERPs.
Make sure that you do on-page well, concentrating on your content( all amendment and creating new content must original from satisfying your real readers's requirement)
Draw and implement your link buiding strategy aiming at high quality links

Alexa rank is 0

not idea how to improve it can anybody help?

u get high quality backlinks then u imcrease seo

How to get high quality backlinks for free?

You have to do given below activities to improved your rankings in google

1) Add Unique Meta tags in every page of website
2) Add Uniques content in every page
3) Optimize the images
4) Submit website in google webmaster tools
5) Optimize & promote proper landing page of website
6) Heading Optimization

Above are some ON Page Actvities & below is some off page SEO Activities
1) Directory Submission
2) Deep Links
3) Social bookmarking
4) Article Submission
5) Press Release Submission
6) Social Media Marketing
7) Blog commenting
8) Local Marketing
9) Forum Posting
10 Ad posting

plz anyone share 100% approval web directory list

Again 1 page gone from google indexed pages. Now google is indexing only one page from my site "contact.php"


Web pages
4 Submitted
2 Indexed


Web pages
4 Submitted
1 Indexed

How to get other three pages re-indexed?

Check your robots.txt file. Or provides your website URL

thank for sharing information
i know want how i get first page website

Well lots of SEO techniques available to getting good page rank but my personal opinion to get a good page rank then use high and trusted PR links.

"how to message the search engines to crawl site using different keywords and phrases"
I googled for this but no proper results.
Anybody knows?

this is not an easy job compitition is too hard for this keyword

Hi you know your keyword is very much competitive and hard to get rank in 1st page google.You have to spent quality work not a bulk.You must do article submission,social bookmarking,directory,link exchange,link wheel and social media marketing with offpage work.Thanks

What to remember while starting your new site or any new keyword with high competition??

commented: please do NOT advertise in your posts here -2

Add good content and start building quality backlinks from high page rank & do-follow sites to get quality backlinks to rank well on search engine.

Go for planned SEO activities.Use quality content.

it can be due to less backlink. you should increase your backlink with quality webstie, means you should make backlink on high pr website. and work with good quality content do some good activity on social networking sites.

can anybody know how to build quality backlinks for free?

The keyword is high level keyword and need a long SEO plan.

Build Quality backlinks on high PR websites, put quality contents.
Do proper Searh engine optimization. Don't get involve in any black hat SEO process.

Domain age matters, but quality backlinks from multiple websites will play important rank.

Need help, feel free to ask.

my SEO coding scores between 85% to 92% on various SEO relevancy checker sites. Minimum is 85%

But PageRank is 0

For this you have to plain the task sheet for your site so that you cna get good results , it is not easy to suggest you here , if you face another problem then what will be the option for you to make it better

To get on first page of google first you should use right onpage seo methord and offpage link building should be from quality sites .Right link building technique should be used spamming should be stricktly avoided.

I want to Purchase High PR Trusted Backlinks can anybody suggest good service

There are 2 factors onpage and offpage factors, onpage factors depends on the optimization of your website and design, offpage is the popularity of your backlink profile. if you blend both you should be up there real soon.

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