Does it matter the location of the hosting server?
For example, if I have a wensite in english, but the hosting server is in Spain, and I want target users from UK, USA, Canada; is it better in search engines to use a server from these countries?
Also, the search engines check the server location, or it matters in Page Rank?

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server from a particluar country is best ,website load time becomes more better for the people where website is hosted, google does recommend website load time to be better , page rank does not matter with where you host website.


Yes, it's definitely important to have a server in the same country you want to target. Search engines do check the server location. As also pointed out, having a server closer to your visitors is going to make the site load faster for them.

Worst case scenario, and you can't avoid having a server in a different country, create a Google Webmaster Tools account and you can specify the country you wish to target. Also be sure to have a country-specific domain name. (i.e. if you want to target people in Canada then have www.example.ca)

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