White Hat SEO Strategies:
1. Quality Content
2. Use Structural (Semantic) Mark Up and Separate Content from Presentation
3. Titles and Meta Data
4. Keyword Research and Effective Keyword Use
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
Heading Elements
Alt Tag
Title Tag
5. Quality Inbound Links

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Hmmm...It is quite nice to know about White aht seo tactics. But I think that more we can add in this.

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If you stuff an author tag with keywords then it would be grey hat seo. I do not agree with seeking incoming links as white hat seo. That also is grey hat.


unhide link & page
No keyword stopping
Unique meta data each page in website
No broken links

  1. Keyword Research & Analysis
  2. Competition Analysis
  3. Content Optimization
  4. Internal Linking structure Changes
  5. URL Structure Changes
  6. Site-map updating / creation
  7. Keyword URL Mapping
  8. Creation of Meta Information (Title tags, Description tag, Alt tags)
  9. HTML Coding, Validation & Correction
  10. H1, H2 & Strong tags
  11. Canonical Issue Check
  12. Error 404 page optimization
  13. Xml Sitemap
  14. Robots.txt
  15. URL Architecture
  16. Google, Bing & YAHOO Site map Authentication
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that's pretty good

Most tend to neglect the value of a well crafted paragraph. Optimizing copy encourage the full use of the English language: its verb tenses, the alteration of prefixes and suffixes. Repetition of keywords proved poiintless after Inktomi, in today's SEO there is value in a synonymous keyphrase or an abbreviation, an antonym ... the search engine understands there is value in writing intelligently. Taking the time to write well implies the author intended it to be read, by humans. This is the art that differentiates the white hats from the rest of the SEO fluff.


Yes, these are white hat SEO techniques and these are according to the Search engines gudileness.

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