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Google is one of the most famous search engines and search engine friendly website means, which is relevant to its algorithm & terms. There are lots of benefits of seo friendly websites like, you can get higher ranking and visibility in it.


A Google friendly web site can be highly optimized but has content intended for a human visitor to find and is not created specifically for the search engine. Google friendly web sites load quickly and have few coding errors. A Google friendly web site is not static, it evolves over time.

The main advantage to having a naturally optimized site is in establishing trust with the search engine. Once a pattern is established with the crawler, then SEO is as simple of keeping the search engine interested with even more useful, unique content from your web pages.

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A Google friendly site is not only good for the site itself to be ranked high in SERP that means many of traffics, but also useful for visitors to get the information that they are looking for. A Google friendly site is built from the web design and development, rather than simply from its SEO.

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