I'm trying to improve the SEO for a website of a Brooklyn plumbing company I used to work for. I want to add a "Get a quote" page where users fill out a brief form including a description about the problem, etc. I want to add a sub-URL for every neighborhood in Brooklyn which all have the form and which all get sent to the same email.


Etc. Every page would show the same form, and I would keep going for every neighborhood in Brooklyn which is about 50-70. Would something like this be considered "keyword spam" or whatever it is that makes Google stop crawling your page?

I would add the /Get_a_quote/ directory to your robots.txt file. I do this whenever there are many pages with near identical content. It is a directive telling the search engine bots not to crawl the directory.

Specifically, if it doesn't already exist, create a file called robots.txt at the root of your site, and put the following into it:

User-agent: *
Disallow:   /Get_a_quote/

It's possible for the search engine to rank these cookie-cutter pages, not because of your brilliant SEO scheme, but because it won't likely find many web pages that have more unique or more valuable content than your useless and extremely boring doorway pages. (I'm allowed to run my sentences because I'm scolding you, in a loving way)