After Google Panda updated on 2012, My dating site rankings dropped more than 50%. I tried many ways both online and offline improvements but my dating sites could not get back the amount of traffic or keywords rankings as the way there were before.

I think if Google placed one site on their blacklist, then there is no way to get it back.

My question is, should I create a new domain for each site?


Re: should I create new domain after Google Panda 80 80

DaniWeb was hit and recovered from Google Panda three times already. It's possible to recover. It just takes time.

Changing the domain name is not the quick fix you think it is. If you don't fix what Panda doesn't like, then the new domains will be hit by Panda in no time. Additionally, for each 301 redirect you do from the old domain to the new domain, you lose some PageRank, making it all that much harder to recover.

Good luck!

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