As of now I’m having my OJT at Real Estate Company and I was assigned to create a blog but I’m having a problem in regards with the keywords I used because it doesn’t show in the first page of Google. Can you give me an idea or help to make it in the first page of Google for me to drive more traffic going to their site?
Thank you…

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you would be learn SEO to show your website to Google First Page ... USE WEB MASTERS ,edit keywords in your site meta tags by searching GOOGLE ADWORDS , then make strong backlinks
these artical will help you

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If your taget market is local, makes sure that the property web pages have well described descriptions in the content of the webpage and also make sure to have a complete address including city and state/province in textual form somewhere on the page. Depending on the competitiveness of your particular market area will determine the extend of additional SEO your web site will require.

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