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My site (free-onlinewebdirectory [dot] com) Keyword position and visit suddenly down.
How to increase keyword position and website visit.

Thanks for replay

1 month before my site all keyword top in google serach engine but suddenly down monday all keyword

Check your google webmaster tools, maybe there is any info from google how to fix your site.

You need to do more backlinks for your website for specific keywords which you try to optimize on Google, by using off page SEO technique.

Add content to your site and check your site back links. Are these relevent?
Do SMO for your website to gain traffic.

Do seo of your web site to gain more traffic.

Do off page optimization to get more backlinks and add new content on your website. This will help to increase keyword position and website visit.

Once Check Google web master tool if there is any errors try to fix those errors then do Off page optimization after this also there is no change in keyword position then add content in Your site

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You should promote your business on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & monitor your website traffic through Google analytics and work accordingly.

*My view is that first look out for some long tail keywords where competition is less and improve ranking for those keywords then target the actual keywords . Google values qualitative content,also it is important to know the quality of backlinks that you acquire

For increasing the traffic over the site, use social media. It pulls a lot of traffic.
To increase keyword position, use the long tail keywords. These have low competition and large number of monthly searches.

Check your backlinks and build only good quality of backlinks.. Start social media marketing to your website.

Update your page title and meta using targeting keywords (not stuffed but meaningful) with proper keyword prominence and proximity principle.

  • Check out monthly search stats from the invaluable Google Keyword Tool.

  • Google's Wonder Wheel is awesome; an engineer walks through how it can be used in this Google Wonder Wheel video.

  • Wordtracker is a paid but widely used keyword and competitive intelligence tool.

get some natural backlinks for your website

Add updated and quality content to your site, promote your website on social networking sites and try to get more back-links for your website by submitting relevant articles and press releases to some good sites.