As per recent post from Matt Cutts. It is said that submitting your website link at the bottom of your article will not help much in increasing traffic to your site.
Hey guys could you explain more about this...

Hello sir, submitting website link at the bottom means when someone reads your website after reading user comes at bottom so it is easy for user to click instantly on website link.

User may be click your website link or may not be?

As per my concern, We should to insert link on article content at perfect place.
There are lots of article sites through which we can get a free do follow or no follow link. Just use high quality sites for article submission.

It is depends on the user if your content is attractive then user can click on link and you may get traffic through content

Submitting link in your article is a good way to increase traffic to your site. Make sure that your content is knowledgeable and updated so that readers show interest and click on your link.

Well, in my opinion sometimes it helps in getting traffic sometimes its useless. It's like suppose i want to know what is fragmentation than i would search for what is fragmentation in Google search and found out an article about fragmentation, now i have read the article get the information. Why should i click on the signature pannel, i mean i have got the information i was searching from why to bother about the source. so, this is the first case many users just search for the information and when they got that in the article site they don't bother looking the source. well, it might also happen if i am a users that clicks the source and i was looking for the what is fragmentation and after clicking the source link i have reach to some unknown destination such as marketing.......... i think now you are understanding what's going on there out of those 10 traffic goal conversion chances would be less than 0.25% out of 10%. Well, this also doesn't means that article submission is bad it is good but what matters most is the among the users !!

As per my concern, user may be click your website link or may be not.we should to insert link on article content at perfect place.

                                 1 thing is more important if your content is attractive and knwledgeable then user definitely click your website link.

Yes, it increases the traffic, while reading the article user can view the website by clicking the link for clarification of that article what is about.

Posting an article surely increases the traffic on your website but be sure that there is no duplication and make sure that the links which are provided in the links are relevant to the article of yours as well as the outbound link and also amke sure you do not provide link name such as click here or link it should be the keyword that could define the outbound link content

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