I want to know who link building straties is good.

Excellent content that people would want to link to. Post in forums, comment on blogs, to get people to visit your site. Do this often and you'll see some good results.

Forum posting and blog commenting is a best way for link building. By this method, you instantly get backlink. Link exchange is also method but after google algorythem update, those link are not benificial to our site.

Blog submissions,forum commenting,web 2.0 sites are some of the link building strategies which work out well.

The best link building strategy is:

Guest blogging with nofollow tag for links,
Do Web directories with high page rank sites,
Do Social Media.

Content submission is best,

build websites related to your keywords and put links to the site you want to rank first on google

Well, most of the link building strategies has been cut off by the Google nothing much is left in link building than participating in the forums, yahoo answers, and do one thing create a subdomain in your site i.e. xyz.com/blog and post you work on that blog now what you need to do is share it among the Social media try to make that post viral by posting it over the facebook, twitter, linkedin,stumbleupon etc.... In this way you are going to get strong backlink and can drain out all the link juice out of it and this will also help you in improving your Alexa as well as the SERP ranking.

forum posting, directory,bookmarking submission and article submission are the best link building type.

Forums Posting, Submitt BookMarking Sites and Social Media are drive more traffic to your site

Guest posting is always best

The finest way to get additional sites to create high-quality, related links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain admiration in the Internet community. Making good content pays off: Links are typically reporting votes given by excellent, and the additional useful content you have, the greater the risks someone else will catch that content appreciated to their readers and link to it.

forum posting, articles, bookmarking submission, blog commenting

  1. Blog Commenting
  2. Document Sharing
  3. Guest Posting
  4. Social Bookmarking

skyscraper technique (outreach); creating great content so other people want to link back to you

Best link building strategies are:
1.Promotions of a website through bookmarking, directory, blog posting, guest blog, classifieds.
2.Write an organization blog such that it is highly useful and descriptive and provide an updated content to the customers.
3.Analysing the competitor’s backlink.

Blog Commenting, Article submission and many more Off-page strategies are best for link building.

every strategy is good if your are doing it natural ways.

Remeber never try to over optimize your website

commented: And don't spam sites with scammy support links, eh? -4

Backlinks are fundamental to the success of any SEO campaign.

Social Bookmarking
Forum Posting
Social Media Marketing
Article submission

forum posting
article submission
guest posting
Blog Commenting

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