I know that bookmarking is one of the best technique for promoting website.

But I want to know which one is right either 1 or 2

  1. If I'll write "web design company in Mumbai" as a title with my website link and description ( note: here I'm writing everything about my website)

  2. If I'll write "web design company in Mumbai" as a title with my website link and original content as a short story news (Note: here content is not related to my website link but related to keyword).

The second one is better as it have unique content and will pass some link juice/authority.

My opinion is first one is right because,the keywords you have choosen should be realted to the content of the website which helps to boost SERP ranking.

commented: It is not beneficial because if he high light particular keyword in title, then always write keyword related description. +2

Definately the first opinion because here you are using the content which is not realted to your site and that is the most important thing among the SERPS the content should be relevant.

I would suggest the first option rather than the second one because you are writing the description in the first.

I think first one . because bookmarking is never used the same keyword as a title . you have write some other information related your title. Use few of keyword in your description .

Hi! riyaz123 I think the second title is the best one as it will not be detected as spam which will be helpful for us to promote our website.

bookmarking is not good for ranking.

commented: Well, what about social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Pintrest.... etc Please tell me why people bookmark their sites over... ? I guess these sites may have loose all their traffic but I guess their graph says something different, can you tell me wh +0

I would suggest the second option since it has a unique content and is not copeid from your own website.Instead of submitting with same content ,its better to use unique ones.

@Puneetchauhan Social bookmarking isn't bad rather than I would say they are good source of getting traffic. And one more thing I don't think that Google counts social signal while ranking you over the serps. :)

I think the first option is better as it provides more link juice but it needs close attention because the same kind of over work may ruin the ranking of the keyword for your website.

Make this point.
1. Your title should start with keyword + phrase
2. Description should be unique and relevant to keyword used in the title.