whenever i post blog and article then site not rank well but when i stop work for the couple of days its rank good so whats the reason behind it would any body explain me about it

Maybe the article website which your posting would be of low quality or the article wouldnt be of much quality.

When you are talking about the website not ranking well I assume that you are referring to SERPs. However if its an Alexa or mozRank issue then you will need to let me know.

A single blog post shouldn't negatively effect your entire website. Google likes new content 750+ words per post (ideally 1500) with pictures. But they also want to see that new content is put in context. So for example if you are running a small business website about flanges, it doesn't benefit your website to have content about pets. Lastly is your content keyword optimized (not over optimized but optimized)?

If the content is perfect and keyword focused for your website then it may be an issue with the technical side of your website. Does every page validate with w3c? What is your link structure like? Does your Google Webmaster account show any errors? Are your URLs search engine friendly? Is your robots.txt blocking any subdirectories so its taking longer for certain things to get crawled? How often is your sitemap being updated? Are you manually submitting your sitemap? Are there errors with your sitemap? Are you properly priotizing articles on your sitemap as per your cascading link structure?

Well, tell you what sometimes I guess doing nothing just pays off more than keeping thing hotter over the tab. I guess what's happeing over there is all your competitors might be pushing themselves to get in front which may make the Google bots feel like weird, and as you are doing nothing means you are not pushing things. So they put you on to while other people keep thinking what's going on !

Irrelevant links from high ranked sites have negative value
Keep the posts and the links on relevant websites, to the business.
In this thread, the link to your site is relevant, the text says I have problems with my site
The same link in different circumstance is irrelevant, spam, downgraded.
Search bot programs are very AI