hello all,
i am new user.
My question is If I want to create a tool (webpage tool) which will just check the keywords and give the result.
I mean If I type the keyword: ABCD. and in domain name i type: xyz.com
then after processing this tool will tell me the result
like: the abcd keyword from domain xyz.com is on ***6th***
this must search all over GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING, ASK

More Information: I dont want 3rd party. (I mean I dont to copy someone code and placed on my website, if so then too result should be on my page only, it should not be redirect to those website.)
I need to check atleast 2 page and armost 30 page (user can enter the detail about how much page did you need to check keyword)

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It's certainly possible to create such a script. You can simply emulate a user and access the search engines. Years ago, Google even had an API that would allow limited access to search results, but I'm not sure it's still available. All of the search engines try to block automated access, so you have to be careful to pace your accesses and limit the number of searches.

But you have to keep in mind that such a script will have limited usefulness because Google and Bing incorporate quite a bit of personalization in the search results. So any such script will only provide a limited indication of a particular website's ranking performance. It would best be used to monitor overall trends in the rankings - up or down, rather than the specific results.

I dont have enough knowledge of seo.
But this question lead me here.

After watching thios thread I also start to wonder about this,
@Rtrethewey: Can you say something more.
I want to create a program... and want to add on my site page...

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