What Types of links are used to build traffic to your website and helps in keyword ranking in search engines.
nofollow link

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nofollow link helps to build traffic whereas the dofollow link helps in keyword ranking in search engines.

Well, if I talk in terms of getting traffic both nofollow and dofollow links are helpful in getting traffic, and if I talk more about traffic then you could get traffic just from anywhere.

Nofollow only reffers traffic to your website and dofollow provides link juice and vote which helps to boost your website's ranking and increase PR of your web page as well.

**No-follow links **--> Builds traffic to your website but will not be crawled by search engine for keyword ranking (fb, tw, etc.)

Do-follow links --> Improves keyword ranking, since the link juice are crawled by search engines (directory, bookmarking, etc..)

@Wikiads I would say you are incorrect with the concept of the No-follow links they are crawled by search engines but the difference is no follow link doesn't pass the link juice i.e. the SEO benefits to the other pages which its linked to, but dofollow links pass the link juice i.e SEO benefits to other pages.

Both kind of links can build traffic. but for search engine ranking perspective Dofollow is in option.

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