What all content should be there in article of Hosting Company?suggest some ideas
Does the Article submission increases the Traffic?

Thank you.

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Article submission can hurt your ranking especially if you copy the same article several places and use keywords as anchors back to your site. If you do articles at all, you should do them sparingly from reputable article sites like ezine and link back to your site with the domain name or url only. Never use duplicate copy and always have only the best quality of writing.

It is better to put the article on your own website as a blog post, white paper, or article and get people to link to it because it is so good. Then your links are natural and white hat.

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Well, I don't think that future with Article hosting company is that much bright because I am sure you must be aware the Google has came out and said "Article posting inorder to build links" is going to hurt your rankings as an effect most of the SEO people have stopped doing that which means you wouldn't see bulk of people coming down over you and post article, there are reports from several article directories about the sharp decrease in their traffic structure means you can't expect much ! This also makes me say that no article posting isn't going to help you in increasing traffic over to your site rather than it will hurt you down if your motto is just to get backlinks and traffic.


Article contents should be very unique and precise. It should contain relevant information to your business and focus target audience not your business.

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