Google has updated his dmca algorithm last week. This time google has remove more site from his search engine which was violated google copyright act.

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Well, haven't heard that actually ! Do you have some references that to let me know about it because I have gone through search engine land post and can't find about it or may be I have missed it. So, if possible can you come out with references.


DMCA define means that if we receive such a notice for content hosted in Google Cloud Storage, we will remove or disable access to that content subject to applicable laws and make a good faith effort to give notice of the claimed infringement to the account holder.


@seoexpert844 No you are getting me wrong I am not asking you about DMCA denfination instead of it what I am more concerend about knowing is the @OP has spoken that "Google has updated his dmca algorithm last week." I've tried searching for such algorithm over Search engine but I can't find anything about it. So, if you can throw more light over it then that would be helpful enough for me.

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