how to increase keyword ranking?

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1.Focus on Long Tail Keywords:I know that you are aware that focusing over Long Tail Keywords has an added advantage. So, rather than focusing on building keyword-specific pages concentrate more on building content, which actually is a good way to cover all angles. Instead of concentraing using one or two keywords thin about a long tail keyword which covers all these at once. I am sure this will require you to perform some keyword reasearch, you can always take the help from Google Keyword Planner tool for that.

2.Try Creating a Buzz by Brand promotion:There's no doubt that inbound links carries more weight when it comes to ranking factor, but their power has been diluted by other ranking factors, as well as algorithms designed to detect manipulative links. The best way to do that is focusing on strategies like
content marketing or Social Media Marketing.

This can improve keywords ranking:
Optimize Post Titles - Always try to use SEO friendly post titles because this is the first thing that decides your ranking in search results.
Add Keywords to Content - Provide best quality content in your blog and add some keywords into it.
Add Keywords to Images - Images not only use to make blog posts more attractive but can also be used as an extra place to put keywords.

Always try to use long tail keywords and then optimize it on a good way. If your OnPage is good, you will definetly get ranks.
Try to put your targeted keywords in Heading Section, Title, Description, Content, Ancher text, Images and url also..
Try really it helps you

You can increase your keyword ranking through a process called SEO. You need to research some good low competition or medium competition with high searches according to your niche. Then you need to do social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum posting etc.

have quality content and remove any duplicate content or use the canonical link to highligh duplicate content

Eliminate duplicate content to increase the traffic to the website. Use long tail keyword rankings, and also group and organize the keywords, use the proper meta data, etc.

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