How to do video seo & can any one tell me how google crawl video's?

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Well, there's nothing much to do about it other than putting the description and the keyword in correct manner I guess (thinking) !

Nothing special with video SEO. Just create a video for free or paid video creation tools such as proshowweb, movie maker and animoto tool, and then share it on video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc. with title or description link.

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Video SEO is simple just creating a video having informational content and accurate link that help customers

Optimization of videos are important nowadays. The important things to be remember.

  1. Proper keywords selection
  2. Title and description should be unique and it must have the keywords.
  3. Tags should be relevant.
  4. Social sharing of teh video.
  5. Embedd the video in few blogs.

It will work.

there is also the issue of what youtube calls "watch time" its very important to video seo next to tagging, description

watch time is to video seo what bounce rate is to website seo. They basically analyze how long a viewer stays to watch your video.

the assumption is that if u place a accurate title & discription which relates to your video then a person who visits the video will watch it for a long time.

if people are viewing your video for a very short time it probably means that your video text (title/description) are misleading so this will have a negative effect on your video seo rankings.

Another way to do video seo is to use Transcribing and uploading closed-caption files for all of your videos .

Transcribed videos generally rank higher since they allow access to information in multiple formats.

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