I would to know how i can add my site in the database of Google.fr
thx for all

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To do that, go to Google webmaster Tools website. Then verify your site URL. Take a look at this simple steps.


You have need to install Google Webmaster Tool for your website and add Sitemap, robot file and all fetch all pages. Google strat crawal your website within 20 to 40 days.


Well, that can be done by heading over to the Google webmaster tool, like @OtisGross have already mentioned over here !


FFS another dumbass
How do I add my site to google, with a farkin webmaster link in the signature


This site is well indexed and ranks highly
"I don't know what I am doing in the service I am pretending to offer" will appear before all your own links

Sig spamming does not work, SEBots are very AI

Learn something about what hou pretend to sell before you start advertising it, this sig will only get entirely negative results

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