I have created a web site with add two PPC site. Have completed webmaster site map in google. But observed that visitor is not comming. It is not clear to me which will be the correct SEO or email marketing to increse the visitor.

Help me providing point in details.

Sorry I couldn't understand. Please be clear when you are asking.

I guess you are asking about traffic.

By adding your website in Google Analytics and webvmaster will not give you any traffic. You should start promoting your content and build some backlinks.


I am new one not under stand about when asking ?

Shall appreciated if you kindly provide details about back link.

Dude, firstly you should also post your site link.
secondly about the visitors.
Visitors will be there if your site is Visible on search engine (google, ask, yahoo etc)
You are not the one who is trying to find his own site on the first page for gaining the visitors.
there are lots of parameter on which search engine works.
you must pass all search engine parameter to make your site on first pag...

To learn the SEO you need to watch almost the videos which are ranking ahead...

Is your site is with free domain? or have it yours?
time when you build your site?

Please give this all details while posting ...

" Sorry for this question but can you tell me you are from Dhaka, Bangladesh? "