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I guess this technique is against white hat SEO...
Google has been eliminating benefits to the sites that were practicing interlinking between Private Blog Networks. Typically only gray hat/black hat SEOs implement such techniques...
While many such blog networks are still alive, these sites don't really have any value unless they themselves have links from other sources.


I think Jolly She has been done a proper evaluation about it. I just want to include some other points to aware on PBN [If you want to use it]. 1. Whereas, PBN comes from expired domains, So find expired domains sincerely, Because it is difficult to find. 2. "Make sure the domains in your PBN have different IP addresses." It means host on separate C Block IP Addresses [4 “blocks” in IP Address AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD] . 3. Post Unique Content Regularly. 4. Don't make outbound links only for own site through atricle submission.

Absolutely I want to give a big credit to Doug Cunnington. Because he said much better about this.

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