:paraphrased: keep it relevant.

SEBots are very AI, irrelevant postings and links reduce SER
Bought links from link exchanges, have negative value
directory sites: zero, so 90s
Links you post yourself, in blog comments etc, have almost zero value the bot knows who posted it.
If you make a: blog post/comment/article/infographic; that is re-posted or quoted, that single requote is better for SER than 100 submissions by you,

Make the most accurate;relevant;succinct answers you can,

white-hat SER takes time;
grey & black hat SER is faster but blacklisting is permanent

blog and guest posting is the perfect way for increase your backlink

Do all the off page techqnique of SEO. But do it properly. Limit a day.

calssifieds ads and infographic

Try Infogrpahics, Document Sharing (PPT & PDF) and Forum Posting

you can try web 2.0,guest blogging,article submission,pdf submission,slide share, etc

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I think you do finally get home from a old day journey. Must check this 17 Untapped Backlink Sources . These are useful 100%, but you need to take them perfeclty. Dani is right, Because about 2 years ago I saw many discussion on google webmaster warnings cause unnatural links to their sites. So we should take a nice path to manage our sites forever.

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If you create valuable content regularly and leave relevant and contributing posts and comments on forums and blogs and if you don't do this in bulks, then I don't see how can this hurt. You should also be active on social media. I know those won't produce backlinks, but they will certainly influence your online reputation and drive lots of traffic to your website.

Blog Posting,Social Bookmarking,Classified Posting,Forum Posting and Social Media Profile Creation are the best off page techniques.


Guest Blogging as well as Infgraphics are two effective methods for building backlinks.

I am using form that time only blog commeting and forum posting both are good for one. beacuse any other link building technique is not good for your website

Here I see a lot of answers considered backlinks which I also used. But I`m intereste to know about SM hsharing. Is it useful and what is the percantage of Social Media links should be compering to the other type of links?

Creating an infographic and submitting to infographic submission sites will help you to gain some good backlink. And also try Guestographic as explained in backlinko dot com

You forgot about guest blogging and commenting on blogs relevant to your niche and business. While you're commenting, it's important not to spam.

jacob81, do you have the list of th websites for free submitting infographics?)

Try guest blogging on a high level. This means, find decent blogs, who don't just publish any article and pitch an idea for a blog post to them. The most important thing is the headline. Send them your idea for a blog post with a few click bait-y headline drafts. If your idea fits the target audience and the headline makes you want to find out more, you will get published and gain legit backlinks. Yes, Google said previously, that guest posting is not a good link building strategy, but high level guest posting is still valid and unless you spam your links with repetitive anchor text, it won't get you penalized.

You Can Do image sharing, PDF submission, PPT submission and social sharing also

what is this UGCS for building backlinks?

As Dani said Content is key but yeah you also need backlink

So many techniques in off page there are, social bookmarking , directory submission, image submission, link baiting, article submission, forum submission etc,.

As I answered in previous similar question, the blog commenting will not you bring anything good. Still work authoritative forums and trust sites. You can create interesting content and offer to submit it for the site for free. Also, you should ask for the webmaster to point your site as an author of the content. It still works)

Use relevant forum site with singature. Share you ideas or services there. You get good results. Avoid spaming. You can use bookmarking, blog commenting, article submission but only in quality site.

@rockingjohncart Do you have any?))

In Off page optimization we don't make any changes in the website. It’s the process of building quality links, forum discussion, article, directory, bookmarking etc to boost the rank of your website.

social bookmarking is good try to bookmark every of your web 2.0 post

You can also do PPT, Video submission, Web2.0, Forums where you can backlinks with huge traffic.

In search engine optimization off-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results.

IF amny of the things don't worek then how we are goign to get backlinks and generate the good result for our seo page????

Yes many off page optimizations technic are available here:
1.Press Release
2.Blog submission
3.Forum posting
4.RSS feed
5.Video submission