Is there a good alternative to using Paypal for online transactions, are any other companies accepted as widely as paypal.

Not that I know of. If you have Chase, and you want to send money to someone else with a Chase bank account, there is Chase Quick Pay. Really don't know anything else as common as PayPal though.

Im looking forward to some information about this

Oh mi gosh! Look at Payoneer! Payoneer is widely known and (almost) easier to use than PayPal.

Also consider letting people send money directly to your bank account. I've seen a lot of software developers do that in the past, but I don't know if they still do offer it as a payment option.

You are not going to beat the adoption of PayPal by the public.
So any other platform will result in a poorer conversion rate.
However if you have to choose something other than paypal, or want to integrate a seperate 3rd party for credit card transactions then I would choose either WePay, Skrill, or Stripe (dependant upon your needs of course)

Paypal is banned in Bangladesh. So how can I deal with buyer who would like to transect throuh paypal? have a huge amount of Bangladeshi freelancers and they use Skrill to pay them out. So maybe Skrill is best suited to accept payments from Bangladesh. I'm not entirely sure though as I don't have experience with payments to this country. I just did a little bit of searching.

Thanks Ryankempe for you valuable comment.

Paypal is the best. But if Paypal do not support your country than you can take a look on Skrill and Payonner. I have used both of them and I am happy with their service. Payonner has wide range of coverage than Skrill.

I always notice paypal, paypal, but, you have to know that there are other electronic bank more preferable than PayPal, so The top bank in my opnion and which I treat with her for a long time is : Neteller bank really realy so good.

I see Google Wallet as the main competitor in this case, for a few reasons that this software has:

1) Low balance alerts lets you know when you're out of money.
2) Automatic transfer
3) Also, it tracks all the purchases
4) You get a physical card as well, which remains the traditional payment
5) There is a possibility to advertsing

I had been developing the payment system in my previous employment and we do provide a few payment methods for the users to 'Go Premium'. Coding wise I will suggest MOLPOINTS as its implementation is similar to paypal and can be easily adopted into same class of payment verification in the project.

you cab using Payoneer and western union