I'm thinking of purchasing the SEO Powersuite (all 4 apps) from link-assistant.com. Does anyone on Daniweb has experience with this suite? Good or bad? I downloaded and played with the limitated version myself and it seems to me a handy suite to have in my arsenal. A little downside is that there is monthly fee for search algo updates, but it's needed and that's just how it is I guess :)

Yeah! I have utilized SEO Powersuite to check bulk keyword rankings and location based rankings. But, I'm not sure about its results, which are accurate or not.

Thanks, Emma! The results seems to be accurate enough, but I still have doubts about the tool. I did some research on Google for reviews and such, but I also saw that the company pushes a lot of sponsored blog posts on pretty big name blogs such as Searchengineland and The Next Web which looks to me too spammy. If you have really a good product, then you don't need to do this so often.

The reviews I've read are so and so :)

I have SEO powersuite though I will also admit that I'm not really sure about the accuracy of that product. Since each seo tool have its own way of gathering result. On the other hand, seo powersuite can serve as your referrence to your previous results and will help you to improve your seo knowledge.

I'm starting to doubt about the accuracy of the Pagerank Checker tool in this suite as well now, because I do for a client some checks with certain keywords in google.nl, but the results are way more different when I check with google.nl directly in the browser (Chrome incognito window).

I have used limited version, yep some what happy about the functions as it always shows update pro that the only thing i got annoyed. otherwise it looks good. i haven't use pro version, would like to check a pro version too.