How to increase Keyword Ranking in Google? 

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In order to increase keyword ranking, you need to consider both the On and Off page tactics, because both of these techniques are mandatory to rank a website in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Is it me or does anyone think that keywords aren't as relevant as it is before?

SEO-On Page optmization be done properly for all the pages for the website like unique title, desc, keywords. Also, Create a content based on your keywords. Don't repeat the keywords in content. The content looks natural.Interlinking should be done properly. Google sees at the words you use in links to help determine the content of your page.Give your images if any alt text tag

After SEO On-Page Optimization is done, we have to go SEO Off page strategies like Socail BooK markings, Forum postings, Directory submissions,
Video SEO,Promotion through Social Media,Local listing submissions.

To improve your keyword ranking you have to focus on On-page and Off-page SEO both.

On page SEO includes
Optimize your blog post title
Add keywords to post and media
Internal linking

Off-page SEO
Guest blogging
Blog commenting
Social Shares
Repurpose your content

OP should think about asking single line question.

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