Yes language plays an important role .Link building is important because it is a major factor in how Google ranks web pages. ... "In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.

Of-course language still matter in SEO link building. If you want your local SEO for the business, you can target your audience for the Local search as there people understand it the language first. Example, your site is from Netherlands, then you can build professional links by using sharing content related to Netherlands language and link build from Netherlands sites too. It will definitely leads to your business.

However, you should avoid mixing 2 languages together when working on SEO.

If you want only local traffic I mean Traffic from French, then it will be better to focus on Local SEO. As I know, language somehow matter for link building because it trends to be local. But there is nothing to worry about Spam for backlinks from English Blog.

When you build a link in a foreign language website, it can be relavent or not relavent. Link is become more valuable when your nich are relavent for the link website otherwise it is carry more valu. another when you build many link in foreign language website google sometimes it consider badly.

anywhere can you build link if, it is relavent its carry value for you.

I think the search engines are country related and targeted.

I would say yes. If you have an English website, you don't want to spend your time link building on websites in Chinese.

Backlinks are valuable for SEO because they represent a "trust" from one site to different. If multiple sites link to the same website, search engines can read that content is worth linking to the website, and therefore also worth surfacing on a SERP.
In my opinion, language matter for SEO. If your users are from a different country and know the different languages use the Hreflang tag for multiple languages on your website for a user-friendly experience and decrease the bounce rate of your website.

Language affects the lives we lead, with an effect on our considerations, feelings, or potentially activities. The words we use are perhaps the most intense fixings in the study of language. Words have the ability to mend, manage and persuade. They can befuddle, delude, and even hurt us.

I think SEO will never die. But It will be more complicated. Nowadays google search engine shows various ads on search pages. Still analysing the website optimization after the google recent algorithm updates. 

I am singling out English SERPs here because of the changes and developments that took place in this space. As you’ll see later on, Google has made massive strides in understanding context and intent of words in the English language, which resulted in a more organized process of analyzing pages to appear on SERPs.

More importantly, taking a good look at English SERPs allows you to see the stark contrast taking place in foreign SERPs.

So to see its progress, we must go back to the time when everything started.

At first you know that today in international market he content is huge and most of the world does not speak English.If you only targeting just one languge you will be huge amount of audience.So i think you should try to set up different language for SEO.

SEO does not depend on any particular language. You can use any
language. However, you should build links in the language you
want traffic from.

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