Hi Everyone !! What About Structured Data? is it helpful for quickly index in search Engine?

It won't help you to get indexed any quicker but it will help you to help Google understand the content and context of your app ages. It can also be used to build breadcrumb navigation in the google results, etc.

No, not at all, It is just help the search engines to understand the website's content of multiple pages.

Structured data is the process of highlighting content on their web pages to help search engines know exactly what certain words relate to, such as product review scores or addresses. It allows search engines to not only crawl your site, but to truly understand it. So it will be helpfull to increase your seo score

It will not help to indexing the page. This will help serach engines to understand the contents and strucure of the data reside in it. The search engines can easy analyse that what is write on the website and easy to fetch up moble numbers,pincodes easly while displaying the results after searching.

structured data refers to information with a high degree of organization, such that inclusion in a relational database is seamless and readily searchable by simple, straightforward search engine algorithms or other search operations; whereas unstructured data is essentially the opposite.

Structured data is data that has been systematized into a structured source, normally a database, so that its components be able to be complete addressable for supplementary effective processing & analysis

Structured data makes easier for search engines to crawl, organize, and display your content.