I wanna boost my new born website and i have no idea that which SEO strategy is useful to get well rank on GOOGLE and Bing. Kindly share your experiences thanks.

Well, I guess you should start with writing a blog post over you own blog and then start promoting it over the social media, best would be creating a facebook or google page and then post it over to your page this will help you in creating interest among the user and you can get good conversion out of it ! As well as if you are good with your blog it will start getting ranking over the serps just make sure that you don't write for the sake of writing try to share information which is not available with the others or I would say experiment with something different and you will be good to go.

In addition to make a blog on your own site, you should also start making blogs on some web 2.0 sites like blogger, wordpress and many more. You can write articles and add your website's link in these web 2.0 sites and make a network of these sites. The bigger your network the more exposure your website would get which will eventually lead more traffic to your website. But always remember one thing to always use original and unique content.

Focus mainly on content related techniques like blog updation,blog submission ,web 2.0 sites,high quality article submission and others.

Thanks guys for your such an informative comments and i will obviously do consider your provided strategies and techinques. Could any one tell me about guest blogging is it working or not.

Seo strategies may include,

Social media promotions,
Forum discussions,
Classified submissions,
Photo submission,
search engine submission,
Blog commenting,
web 2.o submissions,
Articles submission

website blog is very important. Do Some SEO work on website blogs and also use social media websites to get ranking.

Perform Site Audit and clear the issues.
Perform On page SEO
Provide readable content
share your content in social media and other public platforms
Perform off page techniques like Guest posting, social bookmarking and forum submissions.
optimize your site based on Google analytics and Search console reports. etc...

some of the Linkbuilding strategies are

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Forum Submissions
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Blog Commenting
  5. Image sharing
  6. Directory submissions
  7. article submissions etc...

Forum Submissions
Question and Answer Activity
Guest Blogging
Web 2.0
Article submissions

Best Seo strategies may include:
Social media promotions,
Forum discussions,
Photo submission,
Web 2.0 submissions,
Articles submission
Question and Answer Activity
Guest Blogging

Needless to say, you can follow the below strategy which can help you in getting higher rankings in 2020:-

1.Research Keywords
2.Spy On Your Competitors
3.Follow an On-Page SEO Checklist
4.Deliver Awesome Content
5.Build External Backlinks
6.Add Internal Backlinks
7.Measure SEO Performance
8.Make the Most Out of Your Content
9.Continue Learning

SEO strategy in 2020:

1: Create a List of Keywords
2: Analyze Google’s First Page
3: Create Something Different or Better
4: Add a Hook
5: Optimize For On-Page SEO
6: Optimize For Search Intent
7: Make Your Content Look Awesome
8: Build Links to Your Page
9: Improve and Update Your Content