Is there a limit on the number of pages u can create and link to using the canonical tag
i.e i have a website and i am optimizing the page
i have websites dolls-for-sale.html , dolls-in-south-africa.html , dolls-online-sales.html dolls-for-sale-in-pretoria.html, dolls-for-sale-in-johannesburg.html e.t.c i have 10 pages which i want to put a rel canonical tag pointing to dolls.html so that google can only show the page dolls.html for al my keywords related to dolls

is this okay
is there a limit to the number of pages u can rel canonical pointing to one page

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Case 1: Within different pages same Url in canonical tag
There will be no problem.
For ex, - Page A, Page B, Page C are duplicate to Page D and each page has a canonical tag like this:
<link href="http:site/canonical-version-of-page-D/" rel="canonical" />

Case 2: Within a page different canonical tag
Yes there is a limit!
Specify no more than one rel=canonical for a web page. When you will specify more than one rel=canonical tag in a page, all rel=canonicals will be ignored.
For ex, - Page A, Page B, Page C are duplicate to Page D and fo ex Page A has a canonical tag like this:

<link href="http:site/canonical-version-of-page-B/" rel="canonical" />
<link href="http:site/canonical-version-of-page-C/" rel="canonical" />
<link href="http:site/canonical-version-of-page-D/" rel="canonical" />

Essentially what it appears that you have done was to create a bunch of useless doorway pages. Each would likely have little new, unique, naturally generated content so it doesn't matter how you try to redirect things as none of these efforts will have any significant positive effect on ranking web pages for any of your keyphrases.

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