This is my first seo project by myself. anyways, it jumped to page one for almost every term on MSN after about a month, it has since dropped for some reason probably because i haven't updated it in forever. It still doesn't come up on yahoo or google though. Can you guys take a look and make suggestions? Look at the source I used css for the menus so they are really links...would that be considered spam?

The site is like 10% done i dont even have graphics made i was about to scrap it then i saw it all over msn so I am going to go with it...Thanks for your feedback!

Looks very clean. Good content. Good linking strategy. Last cache on 26 Jun 2006. No site links, no back links.

Bad choice of domain extension, should have went with a dot com. You can overcome the search engine's disfavour by staying clean and growing.

Sounds like a new site that's for sure. Keep doing exactly what you have been doing. You are in good shape. Patience and perseverence. Stay clean.

Sign up for the Google Sitemap tool. Even if you don't use the sitemap, itself, it gives an overview of spidering patterns on your site.

i have used one of those sitemap tools before they can tell google what to search