There was a huge fluctuation in the SERPS yesterday that left a lot of people baffled by the unannounced algorithm ... until Google officially announced it was a bug that was rolled out.

Unlike just about everyone who commented on WW, SEW, etc., I actually fared well from it, until it was reverted, of course.

Do you think it's a sign of good things to come? Or that it's a sign that I'm on the wrong end?

I think it was a glitch. May be some employee while updating any kind of code did some error my mistake and due to that this made the whole indexing position of various websites up and down. So, I don't think it is any kind of good thing but yes wrong end.

Yes, Google confirmed it was definitely a glitch. My question is more about what that glitch might mean for the future.

In other words, DaniWeb was hit by a Panda-related penalty many years ago, and we never recovered. We did temporarily recover during the glitch. Is the "glitch" a good sign of things to come or us?? Or the complete opposite?

Recently, numerous people had to face a glitch in their search engine. Some thought that it was a sort of malware, and some regarded it to be an unannounced launch of an algorithm. However, the authority of Google was prompt in their action and declared that it was a bug which rolled out accidentally.

This is not new for the users of this search engine. In March 2019, it was said that due to a bug, Apple Music couldn't be controlled by Google Home devices. Keeping such events in mind, it would be better if you too promptly report bugs in the future and help Google to improve and deliver you better surfing experience.

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