What all do you have to do to have your site listed at the top of a google search results in the 'local results' section. I have my address listed, is there anything else? Do they pull that data from another directory source? Thanks!

Google has a new search service which may prove to be an important component of the future of online searching – local listings. If your business is locally-based with the majority of its customers or clients also locally-based, then this information is for YOU.
Getting a listing added to Google Local is now free as they build up this new product. This is the time to make sure that your site is listed. It is unlikely that it will ever be this easy again.
1. Check to see if you are already listed (simply search for your services using your location – e.g. “new haven real estate” and follow the results (listed first) for Local Results)).
a. If already listed, check the accuracy of your listing. If the listing is inaccurate, proceed to 2 below.
b. If not listed, go to 2 below for instructions on getting added to the Google Local results.
2. Go to https://www.google.com/local/add/login and follow the online instructions to set up a Google account (free) and submit your listing.
This is an important and growing source of search engine traffic from the #1 search engine on the Internet. Get your site listed and begin receiving traffic before your competition does!