Hi folks, new to blogging and looking to install WP 2.6.

My Goal (and how-to needed please):

- make a new Wordpress site look like a business site using any theme I want if possible. The theme I wish to use this the popular Fresh Theme by Woothemes. So I want the WP to not look like a blog at all site wide *except* for the actual Blog area if possible. In other words, generally the site should not look like a blog, except an area (or category???) that I want to actually be a business blog for the company site itself. I would like to have a page with the common service packages layout, the columns of say 5-6 package options for example.

- how do I replace the default WP login with my own billing system login form? What template/code area would I edit?

- what awesome plugins would you suggest for a business site? Your brainstorming and input really appreciated. The vast amounts of plugins and blogs about WP plugins/customizations is overwhelming. So I figure I'd asking for some advice here.

- any security tips on hardening the WP install would be great. Same for SEO optimization.

I'm also looking to create a web design related blog.

My question is, where do all these popular blogs such as Smashing Magazine get their content from, and abundance of it daily? I'm new to this blog arena, so please be detailed. Show me some site examples please.

I need articles with actual photos too. I found one site called Article Depot, but is this a good way to go? There are no photos in them otherwise.