I've submitted to the top search engines,directory's and did a lot of article submission. I installed google analytic a few days back and found out that I don't get much traffic from key words. You can search my site "mmospot". Please give me some ideas on how I can improve.

Thanks Nevin

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anyone please?

Blog and article should be with appropriate and amount of useful keywords and can be posted in social bookmarking sites for generating traffic.

Nevin, to be able to tell you what might help it would be good if you describe what else you did besides submitting to the search engines and article submissions. What is your keyword structure like? Are you using the keywords throughout the text of the website? Are using social media to drive traffic to your site? Do you have backlinks set up? Beyond google analytics how else are you checking your rankings and keyword effectiveness? Also, the search for MMOSPOT brought back a number of results in google. What does the site do or promote so we can identify the site? If you provide some of these (or all of the answers) the board might be able to help.

What is your site? A search for 'mmospot' has 14100 results.

Depending on what your business is, it may benefit from optimizing images since I have found that a large percentage one of my client's website greatly benefited from Google image referral.

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