hello @ Yolande How to increase twitter follower is there any technique so please tell me…. You can mail my Gmail id is rahul.spyindia@gmail.com
And my twitter a/c is https://twitter.com/Spyindiarahul please follow and tell my technique

Yes I do. Tweet allows us to connect with our followers all the time. Very useful for business persepective too.

Yeah twitter really helps us to get more traffic to our website. Twitter is the best way to promote your product worldwide.

Twitter is the best way to interact with the users in a real time and I love tweeting all the time about our products, services and latest updates, news about related industry. It's a great platform to hear industry experts.

Yes, I tweet daily for my clients accounts.

Everyone is using Twitter so people don't need to go for other websites are twitters has largest members than others.

With whatever business I work with, I highly recommend them to utilize twitter. Out of all of the social networking sites, Twitter provides the least amount of so-called "drama" and the highest amount of traffic towards webpages (in my opinion of course).

Sure there is a lot of crap and waffle but also a lot of really useful conversations and information being exchanged as people find eachother and engage.

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