Just wanted to get thoughts, feelings, opinions, or concerns about Valueclick.

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Very nice intuitive interface for reporting. Good quality of advertisers - MUCH better than they used to be. Also, they're a big company, with a lot of power in the industry, so they have good pull from major advertisers.

As far as complaints go, I would like to be able to block by domain name instead of just by campaign. (Can I do this already?) For example, if I really don't like www.companyxyz.com and I don't want to advertise for them, ever, I don't want to constantly be blocking new campaigns they may start running. I also would like to see redirections allowed for default banners which would allow me to move them higher up in my ad chain.

The payouts really aren't that hot. When I was rotating ValueClick with Tribal Fusion above-the-fold leaderboard ads, I was getting about $2.50 CPM off of Tribal and about $0.25 CPM off of ValueClick. ValueClick and Tribal Fusion even were running some of the same campaigns at the same time!

Thank you for your input. Currently we don't have the option for publisher's to permanantly exclude an advertiser. I've had this issue brought to my attention a few times recently. I can't promise anything but I'll take any suggestions and have them reviewed.

March is shaping up to be a good month and payouts have increased significantly due to increased inventory and quality ads.

Thanks again for your input.

Thanks for the prompt response! I'm not running ValueClick right now because I've actually sold out in selling inventory directly, and therefore am not using any affiliate networks nor ad representation companies - Tribal Fusion included. But your banner code is all still on hold, ready 'n' waiting, in my rotation :) I'll probably be switching it on and off every now and again.

ValueClick is nice I think, I've used it a few times on various sites and got positive responses to it.

When was the last time you used Valueclick's service, Floris?

That's what I was just thinking. ;) Unfortunately, I just recently asked Floris to advertise on his site, and he said that he is not doing any banner advertising in 2005 :(

I applied for Valueclick today. Let's see how things go :)

Our site is non profit, we had a few advertisement stuff in 2004 to cover some costs, but now we don't need any of that. I used valueclick on a ezine web site I admin with a friend and write reviews for.


What URL did you sign up with?


If you need a good ad network we'll be more than happy to review your site(s).

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