We all know pop up ads were not welcomed by many but what about pop unders or ads in an unintrusive ways, like small bottom lines on a video or on a free mobile app. What do you think?

Banners are pretty unobtrustive, intellitxt isnt too bad either. Generally anything with audio, flashing or popping up in the way annoys people.

Unintrusive ads dont interrupt the visitor's experience unlike pop-ups.

Anything which doesn't interfere with the reasons I actually went to a site, doesn't start blaring out an audio feed as soon as the page finishes loading, and is basically positioned so if I chose to ignore it I can

Thanks for the link. I did go to the site to see what you mean and though no pop-out ads came out, I have had that experience in the past. In regards to the article content, I did like it but I would say - doesn't just adding the proper Firefox extensions plus getting a Firewall software package like Norton does the job instead of having the cops monitor the wifi connection? Just a thought.