I got an affiliate marketing magazine today and it mentioned about how people make millions. I want to now how do they do it? I betcha many members here want to know as well.

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People are making money over the site by various methods but it depends upon the kind of services being offered. Affiliate marketing, inviting links, allowing banners etc are some main mediums.

I use Adsense for my website...

you must use adsense

Most people are using Adsense, as long as u could have great traffic, u can have good profit through it, without taking any riskes.

Google is lalways trustful!

adsense is the best in my point of view

Find advertisers and affiliates
Set up the ads/affiliate links
Monitor the performance
Check often and make changes if needed. Ads grow stale.
Add content and tools can really help attract traffic and hold an audience.

I do not rely on affiliate programs, because many affiliate networks do not pay to the referrals. I also do not advertise. I keep on doing experiments and finding out new ways of making money. Yes I agree that adsense is good but use of adsense is great if you are getting a good traffic. Another way of making money are having your website properly SEOed. But if you need a quick response then you can move to email marketing by having a good email list

Try this one hope it will help you.

Earn Easy Money By Submitting Offers....

Ever heard of easy money from completing offers for Zip / Email Submitting? If not read on and earn easy money

First step is finding companies that offer such offers there are many search on Google and you will find even more a few sample firms are:

www.neverblue.com/ www.maxbounty.com/ www.rocketprofit.com/

While selecting offers make sure you choose wisely and select the network or service that provides the best conversion rates in addition to the ones that you think you can market well

After you have selected your network and the product all you need to do is create a solid landing page. For those of you who do not know what a landing page is it’s the page that will prompt users to click on your link. If you are not that good a writer make sure to hire professionals as a good landing page is half the work done. If the landing page has images with SELECT OR VOTE in read written over it and user clicks it they are taken to take the offer neat isn’t it? Free button makers are easily available online just search for them. A note of caution here everyone wants to earn money but no one wants to help someone else earn money so make sure you mask your affiliate links and codes wisely the best way to do this is via buying a new domain they are available cheaply using various coupons on hostgator and moniker namecheap etc and if not but the cheapest domain even .tv or .me would do if you ask me.

After you have done the groundwork all you now need is a way to divert the traffic that will complete the offers, there are various ways of accomplishing it you can advertise on sites like sitepoint and dp and get traffic cheaply, but in my experience that kind of traffic does not last usually convert, so I suggest spending a little on Google keywords but make sure you choose the ‘keywords’ wisely and do not pay more that 0.1$ for every click, so let’s see if the offer pays 2$ one should expect a good profit and ROI but remember to use a variety of CPC’s and various keywords to keep the revenue flowing..

Adsense is the easy and the best idea to make money on the web.

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