I was thinking about selling some advertising on my website (http://www.iportalx.com) and im not sure how much I should charge.

Here are some stats for about 5 days:

Total Unique Visitors: 5,033
Total Visits: 12,077
Total Views: 589,114
Total Hits: 882,726

Do you think I could sell advertising and for how much? Ive never sold advertising before and thought i should start so i can cover the basic fees of the website.

1000 unique hits averaged daily.. I say about $10 a month, I see alot of those.

Thats about 1000 a day visitors, not hits.... i also forgot i had a few other domains that point to the same place so its actually like 5,033 * 3 for 5 days.

Do you know if this type of marketing can get you good profits and sales. I am looking of extra option. I have tried various website marketing and they work
Has any one tried Ip broadcast / or fax marketing deos it work
One Marketin method that I am sure works and gets me many customers is Targeted email marketing.
What is your experience on some of these marketing methods

Matt D

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