There are countless e-programs and many people subscribe to it, but the true question is, do these e-learners actually finish their curriculum. What about University of Phoenix, which is solely digital? I know I personally have signed up for many e-learning classes and forgot to finish them with the exception of two.

I am currently looking to boost up my Excel skills and noticed that there were many options out there. So I would like to invite the members to share where else do you go online as your resource for certain types of e-learning?

I've taken courses on line and finished them. Many courses I go through are free and I may not finish "according to the site". I reach just my goal and move on. I'm starting my own e-learning site and have found that it has improved my focus on continued growth.

Well thanks for sharing. It be interesting to see a stat on the # of e-learners who actually finish the program.